With so many Maine roofing contractors out there it's hard to know which one to hire to install your new roof, it can be a scary adventure if you don't hire Dave Deschaine...

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Your home is your largest investment, and the last thing you want to do is hire some fly-by-night roofer to tear off your old roof, and then you're off wondering if the job is going to be done correctly. Don't take that chance because it can be a lot of pain and aggravation, eliminate the pain and hire David Deschaine for your next roof installation.


Why choose David Deschaine roofing and siding?

Because we will come to your property and show you all types of roofing products and help you decide which one is best for you. Then I roof replacement team will arrive at your property at the scheduled time, then the crew will tear off your roof and replace it typically in one or two days.


Then you will get a complete warranty package in the mail that will outline the products used on your new roof, and all of the information so you know that everything was done correctly and what the manufacturer wants using those roofing materials.

 Easy Choice - If You Make The Right Choice!

The best part is you never have to worry about your roof because we keep all the rain at David Deschaine - Schedule Your Free Roof Estimate Here

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